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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ISPs Offering 8+ meg Broadband

Bulldog are now offering "DoubleSpeed" broadband with speeds up to 16 meg. The packages also offer upload speeds of 1 meg with either capped usage or unlimited as well as the usual email and web-space services. 12 month contract on this one as well as having to be tied to their phone system too.

Be have a 24 meg service with a 1.3 meg upload speed and unlimited usage. Package comes with a free modem but email and web-space is a chargeable extra. They seem to block incoming on port 25 so you cant run your own maul server, although this probably wont be an issue for most people it does raise the question of what other ports do they block? 3 months notice to cancel on this one.

UK Online up to 22 meg service has an upload speed of 786k and unlimited usage. Package forces you to buy their Netgear wireless modem for the 22 meg service but not for their 8 meg one. Email address and 100mb of web-space on this one, however you are tied into a 12 month contract and have to pay the connection charge.

So overall a bit rubbish really, there seems to be be either restrictions, long contracts or forcing you to buy equipment you probably don't need. My advice is stick with a service that has a short term contract, there's always going to be a good deal round the corner. Bide your time, 8+ meg broadband with 1 month contract and no caps or sneak charges will be available soon.

Friday, May 26, 2006

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